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Mio Body Brush


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Anti Cellulite Brush

Exfoliates and Stimulates Skin

Improves Blood Circulation

Helps release stubborn lumpy areas


Out of stock

Product Description

What it is

The Mio Body Brush is your tool for smooth, stimulated, orange-peel free skin – and so much more. Just 3 times a week will make a huge difference. Using the Mio Body Brush is super simple, well proven and it really, really works. Why is our brush so great? Made of natural boar bristles (not nylon!), rubber massage nodules, sustainable bamboo, soft cotton handle. Easy to hold, lasts a long time, most natural way to body brush possible.


What it does

1. Exfoliation Helps remove the dead skin cells from skin’s surface, revealing smoother, fresher more vibrant skin with better texture.

2. Breaking down fat deposits Helps release stubborn lumpy areas such as cellulitey thighs and upper arms.

3. Stimulation Increases the natural moisture balance of your skin, boosting sweat and oil glands to work at their optimum best – helping to keep skin free from breakouts.

4. Circulation Gives a surge of blood flow bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen exactly where you need it, improving the health, bounce and energy of your skin.

5. Elimination/Detoxification Helps the flow of lymph fluid throughout your body, removing toxins and boosting your natural immune system.


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